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History of Flourish cut flower food preservative.

The original formula for “Flourish®” was developed in Europe in the early 1980's and then introduced into Australia where it was put under exhaustive testing in Australia's harsh climatic conditions. Test results confirmed not only the efficiency of the formula, but also indicated the market potential by demonstrating its superiority when compared with several other world brands of cut-flower treatments. Further testing resulted in minor changes and improvements to the formula, making it more user and environmentally friendly.

Consumer Testing

Soon after the above trials, "Flourish" was then put to the real test in 120 suburban homes, during summer, using a total of 319 vases of flowers. In 92% of cases the flowers actually lasted up to twice as long, 90% reported much cleaner vase water; 89% reported sweeter smelling flowers and 81% reported improved bud opening.
®” was then launched onto the Australian consumer RETAIL market, being sold through all major supermarket chains and floral outlets. Soon "Flourish" became a household name, as consumers raved about how well it worked.

In 1990, a new company was formed "Australian Flourish Pty Ltd" which took over the production of Flourish® and proceeded to market it to flower growers, wholesalers, florist shops, as well as continuing to supply the home retail market. A new range of sizes was developed to suit all users ranging from small 250ml bottles up to 20 litre bulk drums with pumps and taps. Today Flourish® is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and distributed to all sectors of the cut-flower industry Australia-wide.


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