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7 days with & without Flourish.

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Roses with and withOUT flourish

How Flourish Cut Flower Food works!

1. The vase water is kept clean, thus eliminating tiny bacteria from breeding, which clog up the stems of flowers and cause them to die far more quickly.

2. Nutrients feed the flowers and allow them to develop almost as if they were still growing.

3. The pH of the water is adjusted to a level which allows flowers to more easily draw up water through their stems.

For convenience, “Flourish” comes in a liquid form, making it very easy to use. You simply add one to two capfuls per vase of flowers. No messy powders to measure out and dissolve.


At the Agrisearch Laboratories, trials using the “Flourish” formula showed that treated flowers lasted much longer when compared with those in plain water. The trials revealed that Roses lasted up to an amazing 160% longer, Statice 183%, Hydrangeas 100% and Chrysanthemums 142%

120 homes put Flourish to the test

Soon after the above trials, “Flourish” was then tested in 120 suburban homes, during summer, using a total of 319 vases of flowers. In 92% of cases the flowers actually lasted up to twice as long as would have otherwise been expected; 90% reported much cleaner vase water; 89% reported sweeter smelling flowers and 81% reported improved bud opening.

Since these tests, over the past ten years, it has clearly emerged and is generally accepted, that although "Flourish" works well with all flowers, it is especially good with Carnations, Chrysantemums... and is exceptional with Roses, out performing all other cut flower foods available!

customers testimonials Testimonials



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