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Flourish Cut Flower Food used for over 25 years!

"Flourish" has been used by thousands of flower lovers for over 20 years! These include house holders, florists and flower outlets, flower growers, flower wholesalers, merchants and agents, gardening clubs, flower societies, floral schools, churches, hotel reception centres and restaurants.

Heathmont Flowers
Florist Joan O'Rielly

Here's what one of Australia's leading florists Joan O'Rielly recently had to say about “Flourish”.
"...I have used “Flourish” for many years now, and have found it to work extremely well. It's easy to use and very economical. I'm sure that professional florists everywhere, will benefit from using this great product ..."

Award for Best Quality Flowers

At a recent Flower Show, one of Australia’s largest and finest Rose growers “Grandiflora Nurseries” used “Flourish ®” with their flower display and won the prestigious award for : “Best Quality Flowers”

Letters from Customers

Dear Sir,
.............. I was a constant user of FLOURISH when that product was available. For some time now I have been using other supposedly similar products which have not been satisfactory. Would you please advise me where I can buy. ....................
Yours faithfully,
(Mrs) P.Dodds

Dear Mr Rogers,
......... I am very anxious to obtain a supply, as I know of no better product. Can you tell me how I can do this? I enclose a S.A.E

Dear Sir,
........ I was surprised to learn now from a friend that her blooms last easily twice as long as mine, apparently through the addition of "Flourish" which she adds to the water of all cut flowers in vases ...
Yours faithfully,
M F Centre

Dear Sir,
.... When in Melbourne over the Christmas break we were able to purchase a bottle of "Flourish". It has been scarce in this area for more than 12 months now and we are again faced with the problem of getting supplies....



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